Work time: Mon.-Fri.: 09:00-17:00, Sat.-Sun.:12:00-16:00
Work time: Mon.-Fri.: 09:00-17:00, Sat.-Sun.:12:00-16:00
Rowing base of the sports school Energia.

Rowing base

There is a rowing base of Energy Sports School on the territory of the Narva city port.
The rowing base (Jõe 1) is one of the training bases of Energy Sports School in Narva. It was founded in 1986, and currently about 150 athletes have been training there in such areas as:
1. Rowing
2. Canoeing
3. Kayaking

Trainings are held under supervision of 7 experienced trainers.

Rowing base of Energy Sports School

The main objectives of Energy Sports School rowing base are to provide, first of all, children and youth with conditions for doing sports in their spare time; to promote health, to develop different physical skills; to find children and youth with potential for sports; to maintain sports traditions of the Republic and to prepare new generation for the national teams of Estonia.

Today, the Narva rowing base has all the facilities for children to practice rowing and canoeing: a gym, a sports hall, rowing machines, full asphalted coastal infrastructure, and a newly opened Narva promenade.
Energy Sports School in Narva invites everyone who wants to engage in exciting sport of academic rowing, hoping that new champions of the country and the world will be among them.

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