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Work time: Mon.-Fri.: 09:00-17:00, Sat.-Sun.:12:00-16:00
Нарвский порт

General Information about City

Narva – the third largest city in Estonia, is situated on the border of the European Union and Russia. A border city – a unique community of the Estonian and Russian culture.

Narva Port consists of two ports: Narva City Port (river port) and Kulgu Port. The port is managed by the Foundation Narva Port.

The foundation was established in 2007 with the aim to develop the port and bring tourists to the city. The sole founder of the Foundation Narva Port is Narva City.

Narva City River Port

Narva City Port (river port) is situated in a historical place – on the border of the old town, on the Narva River at the distance of seven miles from the Gulf of Finland. It is 150 km to Kotka Port, 210 km to Tallinn and 150 km to St. Petersburg.
Entry to the port is ensured by a deep, well passable fairway starting from the river mouth.

The area of the port is 25,440 m2, the aquatic area is 23,025 m2.
The depth is 1.2 – 2.4 m.

The port services recreational crafts, launches and yachts with the maximum length of 24 m and the draught of 2.2 m during the period 1 April – 31 October. The port is equipped with the pontoon quays with 24 berthing places, the crane with the lifting capacity 10 tons and a slip.

The services of the port include all the necessary services ensuring the safe and comfortable berthing, including fresh water, electricity, WI-FI, video surveillance, etc.

Narva Port is situated in the historical district of the city, not far from the promenade and the unique castle with majestic bastions.

The following clubs are active on the territory of the Narva City Port:

As the Narva River is situated in the border area, the rules of traffic at sea and in transboundary water bodies are valid there.

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